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The explosion of AI has made managers in every department nervous and excited all at the same time. In sales and marketing, this is tenfold, as it can increase efficiencies dramatically and reduce the need for hiring more people, which immediately translates to higher revenues and less overhead—the double big win!

I am going to dive into the main ways AI is changing the sales and marketing arenas, and please comment below on this article and add your thoughts on what it is helping you and your team do as we all grow together in sharing and collaboration. So let’s dive in!


Predictive analytics:

AI and machine learning algorithms are used in predictive analytics to look at past data and find patterns that can help predict how people will act in the future. In the context of sales account-based marketing (SABM), predictive analytics can help teams identify high-potential accounts, predict account engagement, and tailor strategies accordingly. This lets sales teams focus their efforts on the accounts that are most likely to convert, which makes sales more efficient overall. This can translate to more revenue and a reduced sales cycle, which in turn means the velocity of sales will soar. Intent data is now immediately usable.


Personalization at scale:

Sales teams can send highly personalized messages to their target accounts using AI-powered tools for creating content and sending messages. These tools look at data from CRM systems, social media, and web analytics, among other places, to figure out what the best message and content are for each account. By sending highly relevant and personalized content, sales teams can increase the number of people who interact with their content and the chances of a sale. In fact, most major CRMs, including Hubspot, Salesforce, and others, have Chat CPT-4 pilots out with partners like us to take advantage of instant personalization suggestions based on intent data. Personalization is now immediate and automated to 80% effectiveness.


AI Lead scoring:

Lead scoring is a method that gives leads a number value or score based on things like their demographics, online behavior, and history of engagement. AI algorithms can process large amounts of data quickly, allowing sales teams to accurately and consistently score leads. This helps sales reps prioritize their efforts, focusing on high-potential leads, improving the overall sales process, and increasing the ability of teams to react with the right information at the right time. Lead scoring programs can now learn with AI and update automatically with the right data for your team. This now can give you omni-channel social intent listening to predict highest value targets and ensure sales and marketing work perfectly in sync for speed to lead.


Chatbots and conversational AI:

Platforms for chatbots and conversational AI can make it easier for businesses to talk to their customers. These technologies can handle routine questions, give help right away, and move leads through the sales funnel without a person's help. This frees up sales teams to focus on strategic tasks while ensuring a high level of customer service and engagement. This can now be actively programmed to build your knowledge base and test best-fit answers to not only personalize experiences for customers but also learn which responses move them along in the buyer’s journey. AI learning and selling are just getting started.


Sales intelligence and insights:

AI-powered sales intelligence tools can look at a huge amount of data from many different sources, like CRM systems, social media, and web analytics. These tools can find insights that can be used and suggest the best ways to connect with specific target accounts. By providing a better understanding of each account's needs, preferences, and pain points, sales teams can tailor their approach and improve their chances of success. By reading new press releases, social media posts by leaders, and announcements, your team can be the first to react with the coders, but wow, is it worth it. We have found 2x sales efficiencies within 90 days for most clients!


Social selling:

Social selling is the process of using social media networks to find prospects and customers, talk to them, and build relationships with them. Social media monitoring, also known as listening and analysis tools that are powered by AI can help sales teams find key influencers, trends, and conversations happening in their target accounts. Sales teams can improve by learning about the social lives and interests of their target accounts. Social Listening has become it’s own category 


Sales coaching and training:

AI can play a significant role in enhancing sales coaching and training efforts. By analyzing sales calls, emails, and other communications, AI tools can provide real-time feedback and insights to help sales reps improve their skills and techniques. These tools can tell you what your strengths and weaknesses are, suggest the best ways to do things, and even make suggestions for personalized training content. AI-powered sales coaching platforms can also help sales managers figure out which reps are doing well and which ones need more help, which makes coaching more effective and targeted. With some new software, they can actually learn from your screen and actions to build SOP and best practices while suggesting improvements. Having conversational sales intelligence is like a turbocharger for an engine.

The undeniable reality is that AI is here to stay, whether you like it or not, so my suggestion is to adapt quickly, or you will be left behind. If you don’t know where to start and need some help making this happen, reach out to Set2close.io and we can help.

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Jordon Rowse - Servant Leader on the Set2Close Team

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