Scalable B2B Sales Strategies

2X Your Revenue in as little as 6 months with a proven sales formula that combines technology, modern sales processes and team optimization.

Buyer Centric Strategies

To attract prospects in a way that propels them through the pipeline.

Inbound And Outbound Strategies

Inbound and outbound tactics working together in synergy to create a flywheel effect.

Synergism With Marketing

Consistent insights, communication and pass offs between sales and marketing for faster improvement.

Targeted And Intentional Outreach

Spend money and time only on prospects that fit your ideal client profiles for increased profits.

Our B2B sales strategy services address the core challenges many business owners and sales teams face including:

Lack of visibility into sales performance
Low or poor lead conversion rates
Lack of resources or knowledge of implementing new sales systems
Outdated CRM and automation technology or lack thereof
Desire to add effective AI solutions to your tech stack with efficiency
A cohesive sales playbook that outlines required steps for achieving revenue targets
At Set 2 Close, we believe in a scientific approach to B2B sales that goes beyond fads and trends. We research, adapt and evolve, combining traditional sales methods with modern AI equipped approaches to deliver the highest levels of sales success.

B2B Sales Strategy Services

Build a rock solid sales program from the ground up.

Holistic sales strategies that reverse engineer your goals for certain success.

Go-To-Market Strategy
ICP, Buyer Persona And Journey Development
Key Messaging and Communication
In-Depth Sales Playbook For Step-By-Step Training

Full Cycle B2B Sales Approach

Our approach is designed to create a flywheel effect for long-term customer growth, rather than following a traditional funnel model. 

By optimizing the foundations of sales processes to support scalable, sustainable growth, other key areas of the business, including Marketing and Customer Success, become integral to driving revenue growth. 

This ensures a holistic and sustainable approach to business growth, fostering long-lasting relationships with our valued customers.
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Modernize Sales Technology

Streamline sales processes with one powerful platform; increase efficiency and give your team more time to sell while reducing headcount turnover.
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Improve Sales Team Adoption

Move away from pen & paper tactics of tracking deals and revenue; translate existing processes and create new ones your team will adopt and use.
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Supercharge Efficiency & Output

Clients have seen an increase as much as 14X revenue after implementing our sales strategies. We want to help you do the same as revenue = freedom.
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Long-term, Scalable Roadmap

Know exactly what you and your team need to do in order to reach new revenue heights. Work with us to tweak and optimize as your team grows.

The Sales Formula Process

Step 1:

Strategy and process development

Step 3:

Demand generation and sales centric marketing

Step 5:

Recruitment and team optimization

Step 2:

CRM build out and tech implementation

Step 4:

Team coaching and fractional management

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Step By Step Sales Strategy For B2B Businesses

We know you need results fast. Our clients are in a variety of industries including:

Technology and Saas

A top-ranked sales company in Canada

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"Set 2 Close structured a concise plan, communicated the progress consistently, and was always accessible."
Brian Shumate
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"They weren't trying to force us down a pathway that worked best for them."
Joel Edwards
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"Set 2 Close empowers, enables, and breeds successful outcomes."
Andrew Crawford
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"It's not a surprise recruiting sales talent, managing, and setting them up for success. They did it effortlessly for us."
Alexander Ivanov
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"It felt like working with good friends while also working towards goals effectively."
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"They were honest, professional, and full of energy and integrity."
Darren Lamothe
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"Their personalities were aligned with ours. They were motivated people who would stop at nothing to achieve the goal."
Jonathan Sturgeon

Request a Sales Strategy Audit

Get a complementary B2B sales strategy audit to identify areas of opportunity for increased sales efficiency and revenue.

Frequent Questions

How are you priced?

We are priced by the project. All projects vary in cost due to individual needs. It's our priority to make our expenses as feasible as possible for your organization. We have custom payment plans available to suit your needs.

How long is the standard project?

Typically our projects range from 3-6 months. Project times can go longer if required by your team. Some team's need longer timelines to adapt to the changes, produce deliverables and more.

What are buyer centric sales?

 Buyer-centric sales is an approach to selling that focuses on understanding and meeting the needs of the buyer. It involves shifting the focus from simply pitching products or services to creating a personalized experience for each buyer.

How does buyer-centric sales differ from traditional sales?

In traditional sales, the focus is primarily on the seller's goals and objectives, such as meeting sales targets or promoting specific products. Buyer-centric sales, on the other hand, places the buyer at the center of the process, aiming to understand their unique needs, challenges, and desires.

What are the key principles of buyer-centric sales?

The key principles of buyer-centric sales include:

Understanding the buyer: Taking the time to comprehend the buyer's situation, pain points, and goals.
Personalization: Tailoring the sales approach and solutions to address the buyer's specific needs and preferences.
Building relationships: Establishing trust and rapport with the buyer by demonstrating expertise, empathy, and genuine interest.
Providing value: Offering solutions that align with the buyer's goals and deliver tangible benefits.
Continuous communication: Maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the buyer, even after the sale, to ensure satisfaction and foster long-term relationships.

Can you optimize my CRM?

Yes we work within your CRM to align with the advanced b2b sales processes that we development this typically looks like:

  1. Customized CRM configurations: Tailor your CRM system to meet the specific needs of B2B companies, such as integrating with other B2B tools or customizing sales processes and pipelines.
  2. Advanced data management: Implement advanced data management techniques, including data segmentation, account hierarchies, and lead scoring, to ensure effective lead tracking and sales prioritization.
  3. Advanced reporting and analytics: Utilize advanced reporting and analytics features to gain insights into sales performance, pipeline health, and customer behavior, allowing for data-driven decision-making and strategic planning.
  4. Integration with sales enablement tools: Integrate your CRM with sales enablement tools like content management systems, email automation platforms, or proposal generators to streamline sales processes and enhance efficiency.
  5. Automation and workflows: Leverage advanced automation and workflow capabilities within your CRM to automate repetitive tasks, streamline lead nurturing, and ensure timely follow-ups.
  6. Sales coaching and training: Offer customized training and coaching programs for sales teams to maximize their usage of CRM features and optimize sales processes.
  7. CRM security and compliance: Implement robust security measures to protect sensitive customer data and ensure compliance with relevant regulations, such as GDPR or CCPA.

Who do you typically work with?

We work with primarily B2B companies. The industries within the B2B sect does vary, we've worked with everyone from distribution and manufacturing to SAAS to professional services and everything in between. 

What kind of results can I expect?

Our programs end goal is always to increase revenue for your company. Everything we do focuses on three key factors within your companies sales program: 

1. Sales efficiency to increase booking to close

2. Team collaboration & individual skill development for increased performance/output.

3. Advanced sales processes that prioritize the buyer for more effective closing rates.

Set 2 Close helps business owners, sales & operations executives and their teams get the most out of their revenue operations processes. By combining our holistic B2B sales strategies with customized CRM development, Inbound marketing and Customer Success services, our clients gain the boost in sales productivity and efficiency they need to increase company revenues.
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