Dingus & Zazzy Triple Their Monthly Acquisition Revenue

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The Challenge

Lack of Sales Structure
Inefficient Lead Qualification
Low Meeting Show Up Rates
Unclear Path To Sales Growth

Dingus and Zazzy were in need of a formalized sales structure. Their sales team needed formal processes and SLAs in place to increase team effectiveness and efficiency.  

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The Results


Increase in Lead To Conversion Ratio


Increase In Monthly Acquisition Revenue


Increase In Meeting Show Up Rates

The Solution that Increased Conversion By 50%

Step 2:

2. CRM Automation Integration

We developed an in depth 20 page sales playbook that addressed the need for structure. This book highlighted the exact sales processes needed to effectively train their current and future team. 
Step 1:

1. Road Map To Growth

We performed a detailed audit and analysis of D&Z's current sales process in order to develop a sales playbook that highlighted the road forward to hit new levels of revenue growth.
Step 4:

4. Sales Coaching

As their CRM enhancements took place our team and CEO spent time coaching  the team through the changes to ensure the implementation was successful.
Step 3:

3. Meeting & Calendar Systems

Prior to starting with us D&Z averaged a 30% meeting show up rate. Our team implemented automated meeting reminders, automated rescheduling features, and other templates to increase to rates above 70%. 

A top-ranked sales company in Canada

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"They were honest, professional, and full of energy and integrity."
Darren Lamothe - Novamen CEO

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