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Let's leave the following problems in the past:

Stagnated Sales Results

Reliance on purely a mass amount of cold outreach

Lack Of Time & Freedom

Cycle Of Failed or slow Initiative Implementations

Constant Turnover

There’s nothing worse than a struggling sales program. When you find yourself in this position the most valuable investment you can make for your organization is to look outside of yourself & consult experts to make sure you get the right systems, people and processes to power you to the next level.

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A Proven Framework

For Growth. Efficiency. Direction. Freedom. Results.

Sales Audit

Get an outside perspective of your sales program by our top sales executives to identify potential opportunities, inefficiencies, skill gaps & more.

Sales Strategy

Discover a clear path to growth & solutions. A 100% customized plan designed to fulfill your business's unique needs & goals.


We will build out your project plan to the highest level possible. Our team has a wide range of skillsets so you can be confident that you have the correct expert in place for whatever the job is.


Receive constant optimization & improvements in the initial stages of your new processes to ensure they become effective for your team & stick for the long term.

Fractional Management

In order to ensure new sales systems solidify within your organization, your team needs consistent support & training. Our sales executive will be at your teams side as they work to learn to adapt to their new processes.

Team Development & Recruitment

With your new sales system in place, it's crucial to ensure you have the talent to bring your new sales processes to life. We will ensure your company attracts top tier sales talent that is the right fit for you & build out the on boarding processes to improve transitions & employee longevity.

outsourced sales team strategizing crm & pay per performance strategies.

Immediate Access To A Full Team Of Experts For A Price That's Less Than A Sales Executive

Gain immediate access to a full team of sales experts, diversely skilled and ready to fill all key knowledge & skill gaps that you struggle with for a price that is less than what one sales executive would cost you. Get an army vs a single commander!

Advanced Sales System Build Outs

Gain access to a full sales system build-out that strengthens your program’s foundation, optimizes your CRM processes, introduces automation/optimized workflows to increase efficiency & brings in consistent warm leads through inbound marketing strategies.

Ongoing Support To Ensure All Implementations Are Successful

9 out of 10 implentations fail because team leaders can't provide constant support, accountability & the excitement needed. Give your team the coaching & support they need to ensure your new systems become a success.

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Building An Internal Sales Development Team Is Risky, Time Consuming & Expensive

$75,000 on average & 6 months of time to train a sales rep at the level needed

$150,000 of opportunity costs

It takes on average $15,000-$25,000 to find potential hires

American & Canadian Representatives

All outsourced sales team execution is done by a small professionally trained & experienced in house employees. We don’t mass hire or outsource over seas. All work is done by talented employees who we scouted and trained up through our detailed Set 2 Close training program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the choice to hire internally may be familiar. But it can often be significantly more costly to the business. On average a company will spend about 15K-25k in resources/time finding their potential hire. Then there is a 6 month on-boarding period where without a proper on-boarding training guide & strong sales system (optimized CRM) it will be hard for them to be running at their full potential where they are producing real results for your business resulting in lengthy ROI. Lastly, you will be adding 75-120K to your payroll to hire someone comparable to Set 2 Close based on the position you will be hiring for. With Set 2 Close you only pay for results after the 30-day on-boarding portion of the project. Hence providing a much faster, efficient, and cost-effective solution to help your business scale its revenue. Sales Managers can be very hit or miss in the industry and compared to Set 2 Close come with a very narrow skillset whereas we have a team of experienced mercenaries to overcome any obstacle and build a strong base of sales operations for any company.

We don’t hire any foreign reps or outsource overseas. Our team is built with in house North American sales experts. We have team members in every time zone in North America allowing our team to serve your business effectively.

In every scenario transparency of action is required to see the effect of any team. One of the reasons for on-boarding with Set 2 Close is to build out a system with a dashboard where you can see the metrics that power your results. This also allows for transparency on what it takes to produce qualified meetings that allow you to win new clients and grow your business. Our success is tied together as when you win so do we hence the reason we have a commission on your closing efforts is to keep us tied to the overall results and not just setting qualified meetings “Set 2 Close” is the name for a reason!

The average cost of training reps at set 2 close is $75,000 and 6 months of effort. Our opportunity cost is over $150,000 therefore we put in our terms if you hire them into your business or as an independent consultant a fee of $150,000 is due. Success isn’t cheap and our people are the greatest asset we have.

We complete what we say we will and provide you with a result you can be proud of. This is why we moved to pay for performance to remove the fear of non-performance and share the risk with our customers forming partnerships that stand the test of time.

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Strategy call

If a potential fit is assessed during our initial call we will book a second call to discuss strategy, vision, budget, KPI’s & timeline.



After the strategy call is completed we will send a proposal contract & a project plan with a proposed timeline.