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Trying to grow a sales program can be overwhelming if you don't have a plan...

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Achieve year-over-year sales growth through expert b2b sales strategies and processes. Clear direction and solutions to maximize your sales potential Set 2 Close has become the go-to choice for those seeking to improve their sales results

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B2B sales done right

Set your sales program up for success in 90 days via automation, technology, and processes.

Leading Technology

Identify and implement the best sales technology stacks in the industry (30% or higher conversions).

Increased Sales Output

Refine your sales processes and add automation to 2x sales efficiencies (aka sales team output).

Recruit All-Stars

Understand your current team (benchmarking) and recruit a deadly team of high-performing sales champions to help you scale.

Level Up Your Team

Expert coaching that enables your current team to perform at the top level. Receive ongoing fractional management and sales support for longevity.

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How we do it

Custom all-in-one b2b sales build outs

CRM build outs

Inbound sales systems

Sales coaching & recruitment

Fractional sales management

Sales centric marketing

A top-ranked sales
company in Canada

Consistent results derived from proven systems for all B2B businesses

"Set 2 Close got us a rock star salesperson and I mean a true rock star. He managed to start closing on his own in a matter of weeks. We love having someone who can coach and mentor our salesman. Our sales are almost entirely handled by our new hire, it’s like we magically have 20-30+ of extra hours every week. CRM is handled and organized with a straight forward process producing results. We replicated their Hiring system with our other roles and have seen major improvements in the quality of talent."

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Hubspot Partner

HubSpot is a CRM platform that connects everything scaling companies need to deliver a best-in-class customer experience in one place.

Set 2 Close is a certified Hubspot partner, and we have extensive experience developing Hubspot CRM systems of every level of complexity.

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We are priced by project or monthly retainer depending on the company and complexity of the project. We also tie ourselves to success with a share of success on positive outcomes.

The typical duration of a project is anywhere from 3-6 months. We can go as fast as your team can keep up.

We work with most small & medium sized b2b businesses across multiple industries. Main sectors include Manufacturing, Services, SaaS and Distribution (VARs)

  • Increased and measured approach to lead generation partnerships
  • Decrease cost per meeting (CPM) and cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Increased output of the sales team via automation, enablement, and mastering of the daily methods of operations
  • Implement, Develop & Optimize new sales channels (Email with intentional data from best global sources, Linked (sales navigator), Texting, and targeting calling)
  • This will lead salespeople to be able to predictably be able to achieve their targets weekly. 
  • By dividing the sales process people become much more efficient at their part in the process.
  • We are certified Hubspot partners & found their solutions to be the most advanced while still prioritizing the ease of usability
  • We recommend using Hubspot for your CRM but can offer our same strategies & buildouts in many other CRMs as well

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