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Develop the systems, processes &
people that you need to scale.

Trying to grow a sales program can be overwhelming if you don't have a plan...

Proven Sales Systems For A Concise Path To Results

All-in-one custom sales build out that 2x sales team efficiency

Sales strategies & processes

CRM build outs

Sales automation

Sales team coaching & training

Sales team recruitment

Trusted by small & medium b2b businesses across North America & Europe


Strategy & processes

Instant & clear direction to year over year sales growth

Understand your buyer & market at a whole new level to drive decision-making, process, sales collateral & more.


CRM build outs

Maximize the ROI of your sales tools

Experience pipeline development that seamlessly moves prospects through the buyer’s journey. Implement automated tasks, sales templates, lead scoring & more for maximum efficiency. Incorporate automated email nurture sequences targeted to communicate with your buyer persona at each stage of their journey to put pipeline progression on autopilot. 


Team coaching

Successful implementations every time

Most implementations fail due to the lack of support & excitement from management for the right time needed. Set 2 Close coaching provides your team with the support they need for as long as they need it. Have your staff trained to use their resources to the highest of their ability & increase efficiency universally within your team through standard processes.


Sales team recruitment

Build your all star sales team to execute all star strategy

Gain access to our proven recruitment process & choose to have recruitment done for you or build out a seamless system that eliminates all the time burdens of standard recruitment. We optimize the recruitment process through automated emails, booking links, standard communication & recruitment pipelines. Eliminating the need for recruiters.

Sales growth made easy

Sales systems that are powerful while creating simplicity. Build a team around seamless data, processes, sales support & coaching.

Proven strategies & processes

Why continue to struggle with growth on your own? We build repeatable structures proven to work when customized to fit your organiztion.

Built to scale long term

When you implement concise processes combined with powerful technology you maximize team effectiveness & trainability.

Fast builds with lasting support

Ensure your implementations stick everytime with ongoing support from our team.

The Results

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Reduction In Sales Cycle

“Set 2 Close got us a rock star salesperson and I mean a true rock star. He managed to start closing on his own in a matter of weeks. We love having someone who can coach and mentor our salesman. Our sales are almost entirely handled by our new hire, it’s like we magically have 20-30+ of extra hours every week. CRM is handled and organized with a straight forward process producing results. We replicated their Hiring system with our other roles and have seen major improvements in the quality of talent.”

-Alex, Co-Founder of Hypergen

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