How NOT To Use Chat GPT

“In the rapidly evolving landscape of ______,".


How many times in the last year have you read an article starting with a variation of this? Thanks to our lovely assistant and friend Chat GPT, paired with a lazy content ethic, everyone on LinkedIn is beginning to sound the same. 


As Chat GPT becomes used by essentially everybody in the professional workspace, it’s forcing us to find balance in the way we use AI. In the early days, we early adopters got away with using Chat GPT as our own little cheat code to write us content that we could quickly put out, and nobody would recognize if it was AI or human. 


This was great for a period of time until the masses caught on, and now everybody sounds like each other with variations of the same article. Same tone of voice, awkward, unnatural sentence structure, and surface-level information. 


It becomes increasingly obvious whether the content was directly ripped from Chat GPT or not. The second I see an AI-written article that was clearly copied and pasted, I cringe and click out. 


Chat GPT is not your get-out-of-jail-free card!! You still have to put in the work. People sell the hack of AI like it’s the secret weapon to being more productive than everyone else. But in a world where everyones using AI, you’ve fallen back into the crowd… Unless you stay ahead of the curve and take your AI use to the next level. 

How Not To Use Chat GPT

  • Don’t rely on Chat GPT or other AI generators for content!! You need a human touch and expertise to ensure brand voice consistency and authenticity.
  • Always fact check your AI-generated content, especially when discussing facts, statistics, or current events.
  • In the moment of AI that we’re in, brand voice will become a bigger and bigger differentiator for your brand. Don't let AI dictate your brand's tone of voice. 
  • Stop generating random content without considering how it fits into your broader content marketing strategy and goals.
  • Don’t propagate misinformation due to your laziness. ChatGPT excels at generating coherent and contextually relevant responses, but it lacks the ability to fully understand context or the nuances of human emotion, and it’s susceptible to misinformation and biases. 
  • Don’t directly copy and paste responses into your final content!


How TO Use Chat GPT 

  • Be clear and specific with your prompts, layer prompts on top of prompts, and combine the most relevant responses for a unique product. 
  • Always rewrite your response in the final content and reword the ideas/information into your own words. 
  • Prioritize ChatGPT for brainstorming, generating ideas, or getting inspiration for creative projects.
  • Utilize it as a supplementary tool for understanding complex subjects, explanations, or summaries.
  • Employ ChatGPT for drafting emails, reports, or articles and for initial editing assistance.
  • Recognize that ChatGPT isn’t perfect in its database and responses; it won't always provide perfect or up-to-date information. Always verify important details independently
  • Use ChatGPT for research to gather information on industry trends, customer pain points, and competitive insights to inform you. 

AI is a powerful tool that allows you to be much more effective in your work, but it doesn’t allow you to be lazier. AI as it stands today still requires a lot of human thought and adjustments to be highly effective. In a world where more and more people continue to shift over to tools like Chat GPT and use them at a surface level it’s more and more important that you put in the extra effort and stay ahead of the game .

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