Unlocking Revenue Breakthroughs | Aligning Sales and Marketing Teams

If you're like the rest of us B2B business leaders, you recognize the importance of sales and marketing in the growth of your business. You’ve spent years building your sales team to get them where they are now. You have a team of talented closers who are making high volumes of calls, prospecting effectively, and building strong relationships. Likewise, you’ve built a marketing team that is staying on top of trends, creating engaging content, and bringing in regular leads! 


Awesome. Your sales and marketing are firing on all cylinders; you’ve achieved something that 70% of small and medium B2B businesses fail to achieve. Yet your company’s growth doesn’t seem to be increasing. Why is that? 9 times out of 10, it’s because you have a disjointed sales and marketing team. These two are seen as separate departments in companies when their goals and success intertwine and rely on each other. 


Businesses that have hit a revenue wall and are approaching us frequently are in desperate need of a quick revenue breakthrough because, absent one, they will have to start laying off staff members or shutting down completely. 


If you resonate with that, you are probably thinking there has to be a better way. 

Your teams collaborate currently, and they might appear aligned already, but do they really have a synergistic relationship? Keep reading to discover the strategic steps that we take to help businesses just like yours increase the synergy between sales and marketing. resulting in revenue breakthroughs in your business.


What does a synergy-driven marketing and sales team look like?

Goals are the first thing we look at when working to align a sales and marketing team. The biggest mistake we see is marketing teams having goals that are disconnected from sales goals. Often the marketing team’s goals are short-sighted, focusing on cost per click, amounts of leads, content engagement, etc. The problem occurs when your marketing team prioritizes their time on these metrics because they don’t result in increased revenue. Often, we see the chase for these metrics result in poorer-quality prospects for the sales team. 

What this means is that you need to reward your marketing team for the success of the sales team. Pay attention to common marketing metrics, but prioritize sales made as the top metric. Your marketing team will begin to focus on making the sales team’s job as easy as possible to close the deal.


Implement lead scoring.

Delivering high-quality leads for sales is a priority that every marketing team will claim. How do they differentiate the quality of lead? What are the markers they’re aiming to hit? Is it measurable or idealistic? We recommend to all our clients that they use a marketing automation and intelligence platform like HubSpot. With Hubspot, you can easily implement lead scoring. Lead scoring allows your sales team to prioritize leads based on qualifying characteristics and engagement with marketing materials. To implement a lead scoring system, you need demographic and lead activity intelligence. You can assign point values to various characteristics. Your sales and marketing teams will need to work together to determine what qualifiers equate to a great lead. Lead scoring is automated and allows your sales team to focus on higher-quality and warmer leads than before. 


Collateral and Content Development Based on the Buyer’s Journey

The traditional flow between sales and marketing typically looks like this. The marketing team runs awareness-level campaigns to attract attention from your audiences, entice them to engage, and generate leads. That lead then gets passed on to sales. Marketing will never look at this again. In all reality, there will be dozens and dozens of touch points by marketing needed to assist in keeping momentum alive for the prospect within the pipeline. When done right, marketing is able to craft content that is specific to the prospect's stage in the buyer's journey. Additionally, with effective communication with the sales team, marketing can craft content that addresses the specific objections and pain points that arose during the conversation with the sales team. Resulting in record-breaking speed to sales metrics, booked meeting rates, and sales win rates.  


How to Predictably Increase Sales in Q2 and Beyond:

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