Within 3 Months Dingus & Zazzy Aggressively Scales Their Sales Program

Dingus & Zazzy is a leading creative agency serving B2B & B2C clients across North America serviced by their over 100 employees. The value they provide is shown through their undeniable growth going from 6 people to 100 people in under 3 years. The combination of their unbeatable offer of unlimited creative projects at a set monthly fee with a proven sales structure has set them up to be an unbeatable business.

We aligned on drive & passion. We needed to figure out where to start, have someone set goals and show us how to get there. I would gladly tell anyone that they helped us and there was a positive impact. They are very good for getting you going and heading in the right direction to build your sales program.”

Jon Sturgeon - CEO, Dingus & Zazzy

The Results

In under 3 months, D&Z saw an enhanced sales process that leveled up its acquisition strategy and gained a competitive edge in business development efforts. Through an in-depth sales audit, automated systems, clear processes, coaching & recruitment

0 %
Meeting Show Up Rates (Up 40%)
3 x
Monthly Acquisition Revenue
0 %
Reduction in Lead to Conversion Cycle

The Road To Results

1. Road Map For Clear Direction

The core challenge that D&Z faced was lacking a strong understanding of where to start & developing the road map to reach their goals. Set 2 Close did a detailed audit & analysis of their sales tech stack, processes & team to develop a clear sales playbook that would outline the necessary process for success.

2. Efficient Lead Qualification & Management

D&Z did a great job developing a strong flow of leads but struggled to
qualify & manage the leads in an efficient manner. To solve this we integrated automated email sequencing, workflows & clear follow-up procedures within their CRM to take as much manual labor out of the process as possible & guide the buyer from lead to customer on autopilot.

3. Improved Meeting Show-Up Rates

Prior to working with Set 2 Close D&Z’s show-up rates sat around 30%. Through automated email reminders, calendar templates & improved qualification meeting show-up rates improved to above 70%.

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