Powerful B2B Insights From 2022. Will this impact the way you think in 2023?


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We hope 2022 was as prosperous for your team as it was for ours. We learned many lessons & discovered pivotal insights on how to dominate the sales landscape as a b2b business. 

In the last 8 months, we grew by 350%+, from 3 to 9 employees. Fully profitable without any debt. Not only that but we’ve had multiple clients do even better numbers themselves (Link to the case study for our latest client below who increased their monthly recurring revenue by 35%).

We tell you this not to boast but for the chance that you’ll take the next 5 minutes to read the rest of this article & gain insight into how you can achieve a similar breakthrough in your business in 2023. 

When we heard our latest client accomplished a 35% monthly recurring revenue increase we realized this key point. (View the case study here)

You can purchase the best CRM, implement all the automation you want, and track the most detailed data possible but you’ll drive your business into the ground unless you have concrete foundations built out with clear & repeatable processes which are designed to educate and understand the customer. To succeed and scale one must develop an in-depth sales playbook that highlights the target market, key personas, surrounding decision makers, each stage of the buyer’s journey, a clear plan of how you will create opportunities for entrance & exit points at each stage of the journey, key objections that will come up and how you will close the sale. Once you have all of this & you introduce modern sales technology to the equation it’s game over for your competitors, you will dominate every single time. 

This is where the old school (good processes & sales skills) meets the new school of automation & sales enablement to meet rapid growth.

The proof is in the case of our client Hypergen read the case study here. 

You’re the Star Athlete, And You Need A Coach To Compete

When it comes to high-level athletes, it can be nearly impossible to look beyond themselves, identify their own weaknesses & develop the correct training plan to make them even better. The exact same goes for you & the growth of your business. Hiring an outside team to come in, who specializes in the area that you’re struggling with will transform the trajectory of your business and avoid many pitfalls. They’ll come with a fresh perspective, powerful network & ability to build a plan for you with zero preconceived notions or biases, which is probably the thing that you need to take your business to the next level. The biggest mistake here we saw in 2022 is firms viewed their vision as a condition on the budget and not having the courage to step out towards their sales goals. For example, we encourage many of our European clients to step into the North American marketplace by hiring locally in the USA & Canada plus adapting their processes to reflect the different cultures. This was reflected in double and triple-digit growth with some customers getting 100% ROI or more in 60 days or less. “Fortune favors the bold” 

Also, we expanded to Valencia this year with the amazing Addition of Devonte Roach leading the charge in the European Union. Welcome, Devonte! 

We are currently offering European firms access to North American markets and building our new team in Spain to give vital access for our customers here in North America to Europe. Stayed tuned as we will be launching this service Mar 1, 2023 to get you a footprint in the world’s 2nd largest business zone.

Cold email isn’t dead you’re follow-up sucks: 

Like most businesses, we came into 2022 under the notion that cold email is a waste of time. It’s gotten bloated, and most emails end up in spam, if you do end up in the right inbox you’re competing with 100 other emails that probably have more right than yours to be there in the first place. But boy were we wrong. Cold email was a huge chunk of lead generation in the USA and Europe. 

Feel free to ask us how we used intentional data to capture this level of traction.

Now, nothing in the above list is a “hidden secret” but they all take effort, time & dedication. If you’re ready to win big in 2023 let’s chat and discuss how Set 2 Close can help you achieve the above 3 points among many many many other things to get you where you’ve always dreamed of going. 

Let us know if you want to grab a bite in Valencia this summer with us. 

Have a blessed start to the year

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