Sales Enablement & Automation: How To Use It To Maximize Profits


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Sales Enablement & Automation is born out of the fact that the average salesperson spends less than 33% of their time selling, therefore, leaving the opportunity to turn the efforts of 1 salesperson into 3 if optimized perfectly.

Too often organizations through bodies at the directive of growing revenues vs using systems, processes, and modern sales channels. With the advent of integrated advanced smart technologies, teams can not only identify more opportunities with greater speed but reduce the amount of manual work in the process by up to 90%. 

Most advanced sales cycles are aiming to educate the customers on the options, how to evaluate those options, the benefits of their (solutions, services, or products), and most importantly the outcomes of their utilizations. 

In modern selling, the aim is to provide the prospect with the information they need before questions arise as it builds authority, trust, and confidence that the solution can meet their needs. This can also speed the sales cycle up by reducing the number of needed meetings to reach a buying decision. 

This new approach also takes into account that in each b2b buying process on average you are dealing with 5 stakeholders who hold some level of veto power therefore you have to customize touchpoints and interactions for each of them as their need sets are diverse. 

This brings up the question of how we automate each stage of the process with so many variables. 

The answer is to follow the path of least resistance at each stage to maintain speed, increase learning and progress the opportunity. 

Ex. For the first stage of initializing a conversation via marketing, outreach, or other outbound methodologies we target the stakeholder with the greatest need who can become your internal champion/mobilizer, not the person with the authority to make the decision. The benefit is we get more leads and more exposure to the buying cycle which increases the opportunities to learn and overall more conversions. 

This may seem simplistic but understanding buying cycles requires volume, standardized data gathering, and adaptation to what you learn throughout the process. 

Setting up a system that gives immediate leading indicators it can allow your organization to learn, adjust and conquer at a rapid speed.

Having intention in your sales process like this will help align the goal more holistically instead of being siloed within funnel stages which inevitably leads to clogs. 

Now that we went into the reasons for this let’s look at the time saving aka efficiencies you can find by working on sales enablement and automation intentionally for a few months. Also with mastery, this can all come without sounding like a robot or having any clients think they are part of automation in any way.

Sales Channel Automation- Email,  Linkedin & texting – This can reduce manual hunting time by 90% and increase output up to 12x (Leads are the lifeblood and you don’t need to invest massively in ads to win this battle, ask us how).

Sales Sequencing- This is the automation of email touchpoints, task creation, organization, and cadences within the sales cycle- This can reduce up to 80% of the manual work. The 20% are personalized calls, emails, demos, and other customized responses. We have our salespeople hit one button and tasks automatically pop up in front of them in a priority order to maximize output and results.

Workflow Automation- Lots of leads stop responding or don’t interact at the start and usually it isn’t because it’s not a fit but it’s just not a fit yet! Having amazing workflows customized by buyer persona & job theory can manufacture new opportunities on autopilot and give sales more confidence in the ability of marketing to help them keep conversations flowing. 

Dashboards & Metrics- Any system is only as good as the levers you can pull within it to produce the desired results. Making sure you understand where to add fuel to the fire and the thresholds where you need to add more human resources is critical to sustained growth. This is mapped, tested, and optimized over time. 

With every aforementioned step, we utilize the timeless supply chain methodology of the plan, do, check, improve and act. Nothing is perfect on the first iteration and will require constant attention to stay ahead of the competition but with the right metrics, system, and processes this is easier than 1,2,3. 

If you want to speak about your systems, process, and people to add automation & enablement to their daily lives then let’s talk.

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