The Modern B2B Buyer Has Changed & Is The Reason Why Your Business Is Suffering


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Customer behavior online has changed at an unpredictably fast pace in the last few years. With the abundance of information available online the modern buyer is no longer dependent on sales person’s knowledge to make a purchasing decision. 

According to McKinsey’s October 2020 report, they stated that 70 to 80% of B2B decision-makers preferred digital or remote interactions over face-to-face meetings. At that time those reasons typically revolved around safety concerns but the convenience of time, savings on travel & flexibility in the schedule have pushed buyers deeper into the digital world. 

Due to the availability of excessive amounts of information through digital media, it is now much simpler for buyers to acquire knowledge on their own. As a result, sellers have less access to the opportunity to affect customer decisions. Additionally, the process of B2B purchasing is not predictable or linear. Instead, throughout a typical B2B purchase, clients engage in what can be called “looping,” returning to each of those six buying tasks at least once. 

The majority of B2B businesses in North America are still operating under the legacy notion that their salespeople hold the power. Resulting in disconnected sales strategies that fail to grow businesses in our modern age. 

This is why the combination of inbound sales strategies, customer education & modern tools/workflows are critical if you want to adapt to modern buyer behavior to have any chance of competing in today’s B2B climate. 

Inbound Sales Strategies

Inbound sales techniques use a process that is centered around the buyer’s behavior online & ensure all sales efforts are personalized and directly focused on your buyer’s position in their journey and the pain points they are facing. 

Traditional sales teams are unaware of which buyers are active in a buying journey, use cold outreach, and are forced to use a generic pitch in an attempt to influence the buying decisions. They instantly jump into presentation mode when a buyer expresses interest in the same delivery every time. 

Inbound marketing & sales teams prioritize buyers that are active in a buying journey, understand which stage of the journey they are at, build trust online through helpful & valuable content & have a general understanding of the prospect’s unique pain points in order to prioritize personalizing messages & education on the product or service. 

B2B inbound lead generation processes outline each salesperson’s action that corresponds to each stage of the buyer’s journey from stranger to customer. The new technique understands that Inbound Sales strategies is a process that requires planning, research, and strategy. You accomplish this by employing tools that enable you to customize the sales process so that it appeals to the exact right prospects, in the exact right places, at precisely the opportune moment in their buyer’s journey. With the effective system in place, your sales team can move on from tedious prospecting, cold outreach & unqualified meetings and focus on closing qualified meetings with prospects nurtured & ready to buy. The old outbound methodologies are dead not because they don’t work but because the new generation burns out/turns over from that routine much quicker than before because they have better options with more modern companies, forcing companies to adapt to compete for employees.

Modern Tools & Workflows

Organization & automation is absolutely essential to a profitable inbound sales program. Your team should have a functional & easy to use CRM that tracks all contacts, and their stages in the buyer journey, have templated email sequences and tracks communication that has happened automatically. Additionally, automated workflows are now made readily accessible to the average user without the need for any coding knowledge, your sales teams can set up automated tasks to be assigned, notifications, prospect deal management, connect various programs to communicate to each other, track data and more. The tools are readily available for almost anything you need; the important part is ensuring your team has the expert guidance & constant support they need to effectively implement these tools into a consistent & long-term routine. 

Jordon Rowse & Ryan Cooper, a team of veteran B2B sales experts saw a concerning problem as they talked to more and more B2B enterprises. The majority of businesses are failing to stay ahead of the curve and therefore are stagnating or declining as turnover will naturally increase without intervention on the old methodologies. More & more businesses each day are coming closer to shutting their doors because they can’t seem to revive their sales results. New implementations won’t stick, their sales culture is struggling, sales staff turnover is rising & revenue is decreasing. Paralyzed by their sales results & in the dark why the program that once thrived is no longer effective. 

This realization birthed their sales firm “Set 2 Close”. Set 2 Close specializes in helping business leaders look beyond themselves, get a fresh perspective into their sales processes, develop an effective sales strategy, new inbound sales strategies & tech stacks that optimally combine outbound sales with inbound sales, and implement those strategies with the optimal tooling. They also are available to coach/recruit and manage clients’ teams for as long as it takes to ensure goals are achieved and results are scalable. 
If you’re aggravated with your sales results, feel like you’re spending too much time within your business instead of on your business, need a fresh & modern approach, fail to get new tech stack implementations to stick within your team, or struggle to give your sales team the guidance they need to grow then Set 2 Close could be the solution you need. Jordon Rowse & Ryan Cooper are always happy to talk to fellow business leaders, owners & executives to discuss the current state of sales & the steps your organization needs to take to get ahead.

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