How To Generate Leads For a B2B Business


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The power dynamic between B2B buyers & salespeople has changed leaving sales teams watching their cold outreach abilities and pipelines dwindle. What’s the solution? The solution is for sales teams’ to stop prioritizing cold outreach & take the time with marketing to develop inbound lead generation systems that bring the qualified leads to higher levels of trust and need to buy. 

Generating enough inbound sales leads to keep your sales teams busy can feel like an uphill battle. Especially in the beginning! 

Lead generation takes time, testing & patience which results in most business leaders accepting failure too soon. What’s the best method to generate leads? We have the 5 top sources of lead generation that we see, none of these is a secret tactic that marketers have been hiding from you, they tried & tested systems that still perform the best to this day. Lead generation doesn’t happen overnight, if it did your competition and their dog would be overflowing with business. It takes time & persistence to achieve but once you break through you will see your business quickly rise to new heights and scale quickly. 

  1. Providing value through Articles
    Although for most of us it feels like we are writing blog posts to an empty room. When you first begin producing blog content the priority is to create content that is valuable and teaches people your expertise! If you rush this first step you will fail before you even get started. Next, it’s key to post your articles beyond just your website. Post it everywhere you can, on LinkedIn, Blogger, Medium, share your website link to all social media platforms & get your employees to repost your blog.

    *Tip* when writing blog posts first perform keyword research on possible topics to find topics that have high search queries with low competition.

  2. Evergreen Content/Lead Magnets
    Evergreen content is very similar to blog posts except they typically are even higher value than just an article. These are generally in-depth guides or case studies in the form of a pdf with a high level of insider expertise that you provide and have achieved in application on your previous projects. These PDFs are then posted to your website requiring the exchange of their information for a free download (lead form). The key with evergreen content is to go incredibly in-depth on an important topic with an irresistible headline.*Tip* when creating the form for the content download only request an email. The less information you require the higher amount of submissions you will have. You can always nurture with just their “EMAIL” before getting them to the next step of their buyer journey & provide their number/name.
  1. Optimize Your Website
    Your website is obviously crucial when it comes to lead generation & is typically the first thing that comes to mind when a new business begins. 9 times out of 10 your average business’s website is doing more harm to your lead generation than good. The most common website mistake made is making the website about your business. It’s not actually about your business it’s about the visitor. When you write and layout your website it should be focusing on your prospect’s pain points, problems, goals & the value your business can provide them. 
    *Tip* Your landing pages & home page should have a clear call to action with 3 simple steps they need to take with you to get from where they are to where they want to go.

  2. Email Marketing
    Developing a list of people interested in your expertise is one of the most valuable lead gen strategies you can do. The biggest mistake companies make is trying to sell there list their products too soon before they’ve provided enough value. A list is an exclusive and personalized place where people sign up to learn from you. In exchange, you build a strong bond & trust between your audience and your company. These audiences are actually happy to support you in either giving you their business or referrals or more but only once you’ve developed that relationship with them. 

Quick Tip: Use Jab, Jab, Cross which in the content world means Value, Value, and then a call to action (CTA) email rhythm. This might seem basic but is the most proven conversion stack in an email on the market today.

  1. Video Versions of Your Sales Collateral
    When nurturing a prospect down the path to becoming a customer, sales collateral is an absolute must. Most companies stop there, this is a huge mistake considering a large chunk of the population prefers to watch over reading. If you only offer your information in written form you are most likely losing way more prospects than you need to. 

*Tip* You don’t need blockbuster videos. Take your existing content and film yourself with an app like Loom which records your screen & your webcam and walks your audience through the key information.

As any sales rep will tell you, the more time you devote to making sales, the more sales you’ll make. Unfortunately, reps find themselves sinking in a quicksand of increasingly time-consuming manual tasks & unqualified prospects. If you take the time to build inbound lead generation systems early on your business will thank you for years to come. 

Are you suffering from missing any of the above? Just know we exist to help you optimize, lead and direct your sales efforts so feel free to book a quick call and talk about solutions to take your sales to the next level.

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