How To Overcome Stagnating Sales Cycles


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As sales leaders, we all have experienced similar pains in our careers. Slow systems, lagging implementations, the constant cycle of introducing new processes only for them to fizzle out and have your team return to bad habits, burnt out & overworked management, inefficient or outdated processes, inconsistency from your sales team, neglected CRMs, etc. The list goes on and on. 

The most frustrating aspect of being stuck in these stagnating cycles is the overwhelming feeling that there is no way out of them.

Set2Close was created simply to help organizations fill the gaps, build the systems, and put into play the right people to supercharge an organization. There isn’t a one size fits all solution but across the sales spectrum, there are large correlations of indicators that mark success.

Help your team focus on the specifics that will allow them to prosper and carve out your company’s vision in the future. Some of the biggest correlations & issues we address are:

  1. Managers/owners value high performers over systems and when a high performer leaves their system falls into chaos (Our belief is with a great system even a modest performer can push massive results plus the system guarantees continuity of customers)
  2. No benchmarks exist- Too many businesses have very few KPIs and if they have them they aren’t relevant or pushing for accountability.
  3. Using lagging data to judge sales teams makes them slow to respond and miss countless opportunities. New age sales & marketing teams score leading indicators into potential accounts to decrease sales cycle time and increase the chance of a conversion.
  4. Most systems are not built to manage interactions seamlessly between marketing and sales. Most teams are set up in silos without proper service level agreements (SLA)s to monitor and manage performance. This will cause marketing and sales teams to collide but without modern systems and scoring enacted in both disciplines, this can be a smooth process with scalable opportunities quickly taken advantage of.
  5. The wrong people are on the bus. Most people think salespeople are all the same and we know that to be absolutely false. We function on the premise that there are 3 types of salespeople.
  • Hunter- Great at finding new relationships and opportunities
  • The Farmer- Great at mining existing relationships and winning in inside sales 
  • The Closer- The ability to convert leads the hunter finds into revenue for the company

In the SAAS world, these are the Sales Development Rep, The Customer Success Rep, and The Account Executive. Regardless of industry, these distinctions will make all the difference in recruiting, retaining, and developing a high-performance team. Just like any team we all have positions we are better and can produce the best outcomes. Sales, Marketing, and Management need to have deeper attention paid to ideal job roles which help people utilize their greatest potential, and that’s why we use data, analytics, advanced interviewing methods, and viral ads to recruit the right fit people for your team. 

If you need a partner who can help you with systems, people, or processes that is where Set2Close comes in building higher performance teams and inbound sales mastery plus we have teams of sales development reps to help fill your pipelines when required.

Sales is an art and a science so let’s design your new sales success together.

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