How to Leverage LinkedIn To Generate Leads

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LinkedIn is still the greatest B2B new business development tool.

With the world filled with ever-increasing noise and social media addiction on the rise, this trend will not change quickly, and yes, even business people can be platform addicts. As you read this article to the end, I will give you the basic outline to maximize your Linkedin lead generation experience with the unapologetic desire you apply it immediately and reach out to us at Set 2 Close to help you and your team master it. You will notice this article will leave you wanting to complete the puzzle, which I can’t blame you as the revenue from it is nearly unsurpassable. For some perspective on why I’m so sold on the platform, I have not had a year under $500,000 in new business off Linkedin since 2016 and that is only me, not incorporating the results of my teams or clients.

To set the stage we will cover the following:
1) Professional Profle Buildout
2) Linkedin Subscriptions
3) Linkedin Targeting
4) Messaging
5) Tracking

Professional Profile Creation

Professional profile creation is actually the hardest of the steps to truly master as you must consider keywording, buyer persona, key messaging, getting recommendations, and having amazing graphics.

A) Produce a headline that tells customers what you can do to serve them vs what position you hold.

This is key to attracting the right clicks off of LinkedIn search, which is key given more & more traffic is looking up individuals at companies for common connections before even your website; therefore, this is prime real estate.

B) Build all sections of your profile and upload video features.

Include all your volunteer activities, courses completed, and education, and make sure to have an about section talking about your company vs about yourself as the audience only wants to know what is in it for them. (This is not a resume; it is a marketing piece!)

C) Get recommendations & build content.

You need a minimum of 5 written recommendations and to list all 50 skills that pertain to your industry & customers. This will bump up your search appearances and build more trust with your visitors. For content, LinkedIn loves articles, so make sure to get them up often with information that the audience finds very valuable. I personally write everything to give value to our prime buyer persona with an emphasis on passing on the greatest information I acquire as people realize your value only after you show it.

D) Get video testimonials front & center as 80% of online viewers watch, not read.

Articles are for your executive readers while everyone else loves videos. I will take my video blog often, grab the annotations, and upload it in video and written form to save time and provide content to both viewer types. I use Youtube Creator Studio for
this and the best part is it’s free!

Subscriptions & Targeting

A) LinkedIn is a pay-to-play service.

A sales navigator is a requirement for success. This allows you to do a massive activity, reach key targets, see more information, coordinate larger sales teams, share trackable content, analysis of organizations for client intelligence, plus give you the ability to narrow your search by the most precise detail. This subscription will make your weight in gold, so just get it done for you and your team.

B) Always start with your buyer-persona, job theory, and hero statement buildouts from a brand perspective first

This will make sure your organization from sales to marketing to operations has the same messaging and direction when communicating with customers and potential customers. After this, select a specific target group to go after and have your content that month or quarter support that exact targeting to achieve the maximum result. Ex. If targeting CEOs in Finance who are between 100 and 1000 employees and have over 5 years in the same role (All targeting dimensions). Ensure all your content, articles and videos speak to this niche by being informative, relevant, and thought-provoking.


A) Don’t be boring

Most messages are cookie-cutter and leave nothing to the imagination, desire, intrigue, or basic thought provocation in any way. Stand out and get good at sales copywriting!

B) Be human & most importantly honest

Never pitch a person that doesn’t seem tofit and don’t be afraid to abbreviate or misspell; it shows it is not a robot and talks as if you are talking to a friend.

C) Get to know their needs

Qualify before offering a meeting via your qualification questions. I typically ask my questions by voice message to be quick and

D) Get them into a call with an agenda

This is your main point to get them into a sales call to explore how you can serve them and add value to their company. Make sure you have narrowed in on their main need before going to this or you will fail consistently via LinkedIn.

E) Jedi trick: Use voice & video

By responding via voice or video message you are already in the top 5% of reps and it makes tonality, expression, and connection all weapons that are now back on the table. People love connection, that is why most want relationships and to be around others, know that you aren’t bothering them and the next connection could become your good friend. Be honest, caring, and search to help with all you have in your soul and watch the results fall into your hands-on LinkedIn.

You have the greatest business development tool ever created in your hands;

The question is now, what will you do with it? As this was only a basic introduction and you are left wanting to go to the highest level for yourself and your team. Book us down for a meeting and let us show you the roadmap to the top of your industry

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